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Total Alpha

We at Total Alpha only use the very best in RAW ingredients to ensure that we are producing the very best purity of product in the market today. It all starts with our Alpha scientists that produce all the chemical formula's for our great products. Once they have worked their magic its over to the Alpha production team for packaging, labelling and delivery right to your door. At Team Alpha we take pride in the work we do so we can bring to you the very best products. Catch Lucas Bench on his socials discussing our great supplements and various other members of the team including Chloe Bench. Kris Lucas Bench is the only person that will ever be endorsed by Total Alpha, Why? Because we believe in supplements that are made for everyone from athletes to someone that sits in an office that just needs a little more focus during work. 

Kris Lucas Bench has worked with Total Alpha since day one and is the only person that will be endorsed by Total Alpha. He has been on a transformation and wants to help you with all your body goals. Kris has had weight problems over the past few years due to not being active enough so he decided to work with us to develop superior products that work for everyone. Kris's knowledge on training and nutrition are the very best, after training and learning for over 20 years. We highly recommend you watch his transformation, tips and training advice on our socials. 

Better known as LB with over 20 years of training knowledge LB is here to help you out! With tips on how to weight train and gain muscle mass his opinion is one of the best in the business. Help can also be gained by directing messaging us on any of our socials and we will do our best to answer your post or answer your questions directly in a video, so watch out for all the up and coming content. 

Kristian Steel 
Just used X3 for first time had a very focused a driven work out lots of volume and good pump also a good fatburner..Can't wait to get leaner ..cheers.

Julia Mars
"Been using X3 for about 4 weeks now and wow what a difference they have made. These make even cardio feel worth while"

Mark Mercer
"Been using XT since they came out, you dont expect to feel like your 20 years old again at the age of 49! great product and great service and the delivery is free!!!"