Alpha Wrist Straps

Alpha Wrist Straps

Product code: WS001

These Wrist straps are the very best in quality and design. They are a robust one size fits all sizing. They are double stitched Wrist straps which will help support your wrist when lifting no matter how heavy you are lifting. These straps are padded to ensure maximum comfort and to avoid any irritation or injury on the wrist when training at your best. 

Total Alpha Wrist straps are designed to help you lift past your limitations. 

Total Alpha Wrist straps are recommended for all types of weightlifting whether you are a professional athlete or just someone that likes to hit the gym every now and then. 

Wrist straps are commonly used for pushing exercises such as bench pressing and shoulder pressing as well as most exercises involving a pushing movement which add strain to the wrist,


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Condition New
Product Code WS001